The headacheless CMS
for small projects

Existing CMS solutions can be cumbersome and not worth the hassle for small projects.

Justfields is easy & fast. Configure a minimal CMS online in seconds and use up-to-date content in your project.

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How it works

1. You configure the structure

Use the online admin interface to create the data structure using fields for different datatypes like text, select, image, etcetera.

2. Your client fills in the content

In a separate editor interface, your client can add content to the configured fields. This online interface is very easy to use.

3. You use the data in your project

The JSON output contains your data structure with the client's content.

Why it's great for you

It's fast to set up.

Click together your data structure online in seconds and pass the content editor URL to your client.

It's hosted.

Don't waste time setting up hosting or configuring a database.

No need to learn a new framework.

Stop studying a new templating system just to get to the data. Justfields returns plain JSON, you already know how to work with that. Use it for any project, in any way you want.

No need to install anything.

It's instant – no installation, no dependencies, no build steps.

Why it's great for your client

It's easy to use.

It's self-explanatory, because it's so simple. No menu diving, no guided tours, no CMS manuals or data concepts to understand.

No logins.

You send your client a unique URL for content editing. That's it.

"It's like a live JSON editor that your client can understand."

Use the data however you want

// Javascript ES6 example
    .then( response => response.json() )
    .then(function (data) {
            console.log(, teammember.position)
See more code examples in the documentation

Field types

These are the types of fields that you can choose from when configuring your data structure:

  • Text: for short texts
  • Textarea: for bigger pieces of text
  • WYSIWYG: for rich text and basic html content
  • Select: for choosing an option
  • Boolean: true or false
  • Menu: list of links
  • Repeater: for sets of things using all field types
  • Image: for uploading any type of image file

Sometimes justfields is all you need

Get started - it's free